We make sense of your data through learning analytics

Although there are multiple sources of information at any education business, there is no unified view that provides actionable meaning to all this data.

Learning Analytics Animation

Understand your data. Make use of it
Learning Analytics Dashboard

Learning Analytics Dashboard

Working together with our customers we create Learning Analytics completely relevant for them.

Get unique value from your data.

We gather data from all your important sources: Learning Management System, Student Information System, Content platforms, CRM, etc.
We analyze this data to create the right Learning Analytics to support your business and educational decisions.
We visualize Learning Analytics building meaningful dashboards that can be shared across your organization.
You decide how far you want to go with your analytics: understand the reality, predict the future, recommend actions, etc.
Benefits of Learning Analytics

tutoring capabilities

Learning Analytics improves your tutoring capabilities by providing valuable information about your students and showing how you can support them better.

training materials

Learning Analytics improves your content and training materials by explaining how your content is consumed, whether it fits the audience, and whether it truly supports the learning process.


Learning Analytics Improves your sales by discovering upsell opportunities that were hidden within your data before.


Learning Analytics improves your business and educational decisions, using evidence to reduce your risk and enhance your chances of success.