LMS extensions (plugins) to enhance your system

LMS Extensions (plugins)

iTopTraining offers many ready-to-install extension plugins to enhance your LMS functionality. These extensions provide additional capabilities in areas such as look and feel, student learning experience, management and follow-up, reporting, connectivity, and much more.

These are some of our ready-to-install LMS extensions

Advanced Reports

Create customized reports including metrics from our more than 100 course and activity-related statistics: time, progress, completion, interaction, etc.

Export your reports to multiple formats.

SCORM Distribution

Deliver your content to other LMSs without giving it away or losing control. License your courses and charge on consumption.

Course alerts

Send automatic emails to your students when special conditions are met such as low engagement, low progress, not enough dedication, etc.  Save time by automating some of your day-to-day tutoring activities.

Automated messaging

Automate your course follow-up emails based on student individual activity completion. Inform teachers about student progress. Send automated communications based on date and enrollment duration.

Exam simulation

Allow students to simulate exams by choosing the questions they want to practice based on multiple conditions: most difficult, previously failed, not included before, etc. Complete compatibility with the LMS question bank.

PDF Viewer

Track the progress of your students within your PDF documents. Allow them to read online but not download. Total control on PDF-based content consumption.

Online live sessions and webinars

Integrate your online live sessions with your LMS: scheduling, opening, reporting, recording storage, etc. We integrate with the best video conferencing systems. Track assistance and time as with any other activity within your LMS.

Groups management

Manage your groups of students within the LMS. Perform bulk uploads and enrollment into groups, follow up progress by group, send enrollment and welcome group emails, etc.

Course completion requirements

Decide when a course has been completed based on multiple conditions: time spent, percentage of progress, and individual activities. Set different completion conditions on each course based on your teaching or compliance requirements.

As we work with open-source, we are free to create any functionality you require.

Let us know what you need and we will develop customized LMS extensions for you.

3rd party integrations

Your LMS should not be isolated from your standard software and tools.

We perform 3rd party integrations with multiple systems:


Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Student Management Systems (SMS).

Admission and Enrolment software (AES).

Any other system interacting with your LMS.

It doesn’t matter whether you work with one of the existing CRM/SMS vendors or whether you have your own management system. Automate your workflows and track your students in a seamless way.

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